Hair Loss Treatment when your Hair is Affected by Excessive Heat and Humidity.

Hair Loss Treatment when your Hair is Affected by Excessive Heat and Humidity.

The excessive heat and humidity caused due to the summer season among others create a problem for your lustrous locks on the head. Heat and humidity both are the enemies of stronger and healthier hair. Even the healthiest locks face frizz and dryness during summer because of the heightened level of heat and humidity in the air. And remaining damage is caused by hair loss products that contain sulfate and parabens.

Let us look at a few hair complications you face during the summer and their effective hair loss treatment.

Frizz is hair that stands up or curls independently creating an irregular texture. Apart from genetics and hair damage, the major cause of frizzy hair is high humidity and dryness in the atmosphere. It results in breakage, tangling, and split ends. Your hair also looks dull and dry in this case. The natural treatment for frizzes is locking hydration inside the hair and scalp area. You can use high-quality hair loss products from VIP Pro Beauty like I AM BOLD Curl Cream packed with vitamin E. It gives texture to your hair and vitamin E softens the curls without resulting in a crispy and gel-like texture.
Hair Fall
If you have noticed the amount of torn hair on your comb has suddenly increased, it must be due to increased humidity in the air. Since, in the summer, the pH balance of your scalp is disturbed, it results in unwanted hair fall. Your hair is also more prone to damage and frizz during the summer; it tends to fall more than normal. You need to take proper care of your hair during this time of year. Never leave your hair wet for long hours and avoid using chemical-laden hair loss products. Rather you can use VIP Pro Beauty’s I AM STRONG 3-in-1 Hairspray. It is rich in Pro vitamin B5 and 12 amino acids to treat hair from its roots.
The small piece of dry skin flakes come off the scalp and spreads across your hair in the summer season. Dandruff causes incessant itching which can damage the hair follicles apart from being the source of constant irritation. To get rid of dandruff, you must wash your hair regularly. It is also recommended to use mild shampoos which are chemical-free. You can use VIP Pro Beauty’ I AM HEALTHY Strengthening Shampoo for effective dandruff treatment.
Humidity sucks the moisture out of hair and skin. Due to dryness, your hair becomes more vulnerable to damage and frizz. Dryness is also caused due to the lack of natural oil on the scalp. You should consider using moisturizing shampoos and vitamin E-enriched natural oils on your hair. To treat dryness in your hair effectively, you can use VIP Pro Beauty’s I AM HEALTHY brand of shampoos and conditioners. They are chemical-free and effective in keeping your hair hydrated.
Dullness and lack of volume

Limp and small volume hair is a style disaster, and heat and humidity amplify these problems. Heat treatment is a temporary solution for your dull hair but is seldom recommended in the summer season. Cleansing and nourishing shampoos can be an effective solution here. Regular cleaning of hair can help reduce dullness. A proper diet full of nutrition is also an important part to keep your hair healthy and smooth. You can also use hair loss products like VIP Pro Beauty’s I AM RENEWED Dry Shampoo and I AM HEALTHY Strengthening Shampoo. This strengthening shampoo is enriched with the maximum amount of Biotin and ProVitamin B5 – two powerful vitamins that strengthen and nourish dull and damaged hair.

There is no reason, you can’t keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny in the hot and humid season. You need to take proper care of your hair by clearing its off dust and dandruff, taking a balanced diet, and relying on only trusted pro beauty products. VIP Pro Beauty Hair Loss Products provide the best hair loss treatment, especially during the hot and humid season.
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