Biotin: They call it ‘The Hair Vitamin’

Biotin: They call it ‘The Hair Vitamin’

What’s Biotin, and why has your hair been asking about it?

Biotin is one of the B vitamins and also goes by the name B-7. Your body uses all the vitamins in the B family to help chemical processes in the body, from digestion to rebuilding cells. But Biotin has an effect on so many different parts of the body—including fetal growth and development—that it’s named after the Greek word biotos which means life.

Biotin is one versatile vitamin! It has an impact on your skin, eyes, liver, and nervous system. It can help regulate your blood sugar levels and protect your kidneys, as well as making your fingernails grow faster. But Biotin is known in the beauty industry as “The Hair Vitamin” because it’s crucial in building keratin, the basic component of hair.

How much do I need?

For the bare necessities of life, your body probably needs between 30 and 100 micrograms of Biotin in your diet every day—and unless you’re eating plenty of organ meats, fresh eggs, and unprocessed whole grains on the regular, you might have trouble meeting that minimum requirement—and some individuals need much more than the minimum requirement. It would take about 15 bananas to give you enough Biotin for one day—and that’s a whole lot of monkey fruit to fit into your daily meal plan.

How can I get Biotin to my hair?
Biotin shampoo to the rescue! Adding biotin to your hair-grooming routine puts this important vitamin exactly where it’s needed to help your hair grow thicker and stronger—and a small amount also absorbs into your body right through your scalp, which can help increase levels of Biotin in your body without requiring you to take a supplement.

How does Biotin give you luxurious hair?

While research on this topic is limited, many people who have tried shampoos including “the hair vitamin” have gotten impressive results, and scientists can explain why. Your hair is made of layers and layers of overlapping scales that form a long shaft—a single hair. By stimulating the body’s production of keratin, the basic building block of hair scales, Biotin allows the body to build stronger hair shafts.

Can Biotin help reverse thinning hair?

You’ll want to check with your doctor if hair loss is becoming a serious issue for you. This information is not meant to replace the treatment of a qualified medical professional. Also, remember that stress placed on hair by certain hairstyles—like wearing a ponytail every day—can result in hair loss. So think about what you do to your hair—including coloring, heat treating, and blow-drying—to track down possible reasons for your hair loss

However, if you think your body might be running low on Biotin—and you want thicker, shinier hair—then Biotin shampoo is an excellent place to start.

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